Are Gaming Keyboards Good For Typing

Are Gaming Keyboards Good For Typing? Everything You Need to Know In 2022

Everyone knows gaming keyboards are one of the greatest addition when designing desk setup. But are gaming keyboards good for typing?

Typically these gaming keyboards are expensive and having them in can create an unbeatable aesthetic environment. And it will bring more charm and comfort for you if you are love playing games. With unmatchable advanced functionality and features offered by these keyboards to enhance your gaming experience will make you invest in high-quality Quiet Gaming Keyboards. However, one might think, are these gaming keyboards solely designed for gaming purposes or one can also perform typing by using gaming keyboards?

Interestingly, the core components of these gaming keyboards are quite similar to the functionality of any other regular mechanical keyboard. Thus, one can feel the smoothness and ease while doing typing. Though there are some chances of exceptions where a gaming keyboard includes some additional switches that might not work as a good option for typing. Moreover, some users want a simple keyboard with basic functionality and are not happy to have gaming keyboards that contain vast options of switch sets or other form factors. They find them as an excessive option. However, overall, a fully designed gaming keyboard is good typing.

In today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at gaming keyboards while comparing them to other types of keyboards available in the market. We’ll also make a comparison of gaming keyboards against custom keyboards to evaluate how they fare when it comes to typing.

Are Gaming Keyboards Good for Typing?

Are Gaming Keyboards Good for Typing?

Regardless of being built for gaming as the primary reason, many gaming keyboards also provide an excellent typing experience to their users. This is due to the fact that most gaming keyboards employ components similar to any ordinary mechanical keyboard.

There are many keyboards preferred by typists, for example, a well-designed with clicky or tactile switches. Moreover, few gaming keyboards also have a hot-swap PCB, allowing you to customize your typing experience by adding your switches. However, not all gaming keyboards are recommended or ideal for typists.

As some gaming keyboards have unusual layouts and are optimized to satisfy specific games requirements. Hence, these keyboards assist them in getting to their shortcuts faster.

Moreover, few gaming keyboards such as 60 percent keyboards come with a smaller form factor that may not be the greatest option for typing. These small form factors have some keys absent from them, likewise arrow keys.

Hence, to implement an arrow key, within the keyboard you might add some variants of this layout such as making the right shift smaller and moving the symbol “?” to a different spot. However, many gaming keyboards from major manufacturers like Best Logitech Gaming Keyboards and Razer include an adequate layout for typing.

So, use these keyboards if you plan on using gaming keyboards to fulfill both gaming and typing purposes then you won’t have to worry about poor typing performance. Though if you want the ultimate experience in both typing and gaming then you can get a customized keyboard. Although this option is not for everyone though having your customized keyboard can bring vital changes.
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Factors That Make a Keyboard Good for Typing:

Let’s figure out the different factors that make any keyboard good for typing.

Firstly, the feedback provided by a keyboard is the one feature that makes it ideal for typing.  So, regardless of the type of keyboard, you are going to use make sure the keys must feel pleasing when pressed. As with mushy feelings on keyboards while typing makes you more likely to type slowly and end-up up making more mistakes. Moreover, a wider keyboard and the efficient gap between each key make you feel each keystroke, as a result, your typing efficiency improves and you make few mistakes.

Hence, the mechanical keyboards that include tactile switches often provide such smooth sensation while using. Furthermore, other types of switches such as linear switches or any other type of keyboard likewise membrane and chiclet keyboards are also good at providing a good typing experience.

Good for Typing – Gaming Keyboards vs. Normal Keyboards

Let us first define the difference between normal regular keyboards and gaming ones before we start with our talk.

So as their name implies gaming keyboards are primarily designed to fulfill the gamer’s requirements. Each component has been fine-tuned to provide the greatest gameplay experience possible. For gaming keyboards, a number of factors are taken into account. Modern gaming keyboards contain a smaller form factor that allows them to have improved mouse mobility. The keyboard’s height and ergonomics are also tailored and optimized to most gamers’ desks.

The most critical part to consider while picking a gaming keyboard is a switch. Since most of the gaming keyboards are well equipped with a fast and smooth switch for instance linear or any type of optical one. This keyboard switch is responsible to send instant keystrokes soon after they are registered.

Gaming keyboards also contain further capabilities for instance the capacity to program macros as well as each key individually.

Most suitable for Typing –Gaming vs. Custom Keyboard

As previously said, a gaming keyboard can also be a decent choice for typing if it is adequately designed.

Gaming keyboards, on the other hand, will always have their restrictions.

Since gaming keyboards are followed by standard production boards manufactured in a factory. As a result, manufacturers are unable to nail fine aspects such as switch and stabilizer lubrication.  Hence, you’ll notice some flaws like uneven keys or stabilizer rattle in your finished products.

Of course, if you’re brave enough to open up your keyboard and void your warranty, you can solve some of these difficulties. Also, you can repair some of these issues yourself, if you have a hot-swap gaming keyboard. However, there will always be something missing within your typing experience.

 Mechanical keyboards are a choice for who’s wanna take things to another level. Though, these are more expensive than your average gaming keyboard. But in the end, you can have the finest gaming or typing experience solely designed for your needs and specifications.

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