Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

The most crucial aspect of gaming is having the right equipment in your hands. Gaming keyboards are therefore extremely popular among gaming enthusiasts. However, most newbie gamers ask, “Are mechanical keyboards better for gaming”? Are gaming keyboards worth it? There are many reasons why every gamer loves to use mechanical keyboards. Let’s find out the benefits, disadvantages, features, and uses of mechanical keyboards for the best gaming experience.

Mechanical keyboards- Why are they best for gaming?

Everyone knows how essential the peripherals are to a joyful gaming experience as a gamer. Having the best gaming keyboard in you ensures an ideal gaming experience. Mechanical gaming keyboards are faster, durable, and tactical. On the other hand, some gamers love to use the compact footprint, portable design, and low price of membrane keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards Pros

  • Faster and more convenient typing
  • Durable build quality lasts for a long time
  • More precise than membrane keyboards
  • More responsive to keystrokes
  • Provides maximum comfort for extended gaming sessions
  • Offer strong feedback while typing

Mechanical Keyboard Cons

  • Heavyweight
  • High price
  • Loud noise
  • Hard to clean
  • Are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?

Here are some of the most appealing features of mechanical keyboards for gaming.

  • Tactility

Tactility means feedback and resistance that the user receives during typing. It is linked with the position that the key travels to while generating keystroke. The feedback may be audible through a clicking noise. Mechanical keyboards are more tactile than membrane keyboards.

  • Actuation force

A force needed to press the key on your keyboard is known as actuation force. This force is the key travel distance where it is recognized by the keyboard. In simple words, it measures how hard the user needs to press the keys so that they are recognized by the keyboard.

The force varies widely and ranges from 35 grams to 350 grams. Typically, a mechanical keyboard ranges from 45 to 60 grams.

  • Noise level

Noise and sound level on a gaming keyboard is essential depending on the type of application. Mechanical keyboard produces loud noise than other gaming keyboards as there are clicks at the beginning and end of keystrokes.

Membrane keyboards (also known as quiet gaming keyboards) offer the quietest switches as they have silicone or rubber cushioning that mechanical keyboards don’t have. Scissor-switch member switches produce loud noise as compared to regular membrane switches because they have fewer rubber cushioning.

  • Actuation Distance

Distances that switch require depressing to register like input is known as the actuation distance. This distance is usually measured from the top of your keycap. Typically, an average rating for mechanical keyboards is 2mm. You may find some keyboards with a 1mm rating. Remember, a short actuation distance doesn’t automatically provide a better gaming experience. The possibility is that you may make maximum keyboard mistakes due to the lighter feel.

  • Durability

You can measure the durability of your keyboard by various factors, like how many keystrokes a mechanical keyboard is rated for during its lifespan. Suppose an average KPH (keystrokes for an hour) is about 8,000 KPH; multiply it by the number of hours you tend to play over a few weeks.

Mechanical keyboards are more durable than rubber dome or membrane keyboards. For instance, Cherry MX switch is rated to a lifespan of 20-50 million keyboards depending on the switch type.

  • Price

Mechanical keyboards are usually priced from $60 to $200. The price may vary between popular keyboard brands such as Logitech gaming keyboards and less familiar keyboards. Other price difference depends on additional features like keyboard size, RBG lighting, and manufacturing material.

  • Final words

The selection of a gaming keyboard mainly depends on your needs. However, essential features like durability, efficiency, and price make the mechanical keyboard more favorable for gaming than other types of keyboards. Remember, a mechanical keyboard is best for fast typing but is noisy too. So, it is better to compare both mechanical and membrane keyboards to make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming Than Membrane Keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards offer smoother switch actuation, excellent feedback, durability, and feature key rollover. On the other membrane keyboard feature, a mushy feel is ultra-quiet, affordable, and lacks key rollover.

  • Is a Mechanical Keyboard Better for FPS?

Mechanical keyboards are sturdier, tactile, and quicker than other gaming keyboards. A mechanical keyboard is better for FPS as gamers love to use the compact-sized keyboard for best portability and less space usage.

  • Can You Type Faster on Mechanical Keyboards?

Yes, mechanical keyboards can help you t improve typing speed by customizing the sound and feel of your keyboard. The audio feedback and tactile from mechanical keyboards help to improve typing speeds and allow recognition of the keystrokes.

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