$50, doesn’t sound like that much cash but all but if you think about it you can get a lot of things for this much dough. For example, when you think of buying a pc, you expect to use a lot of money, however, if you know where to look, you might even get a working, fully functional pc for less than $10. So, let’s go ahead and look at Gadgets You Can Snag for $50 or Less, so enjoy.

1. Chromecast Audio

Chromecast Audio

Are you among those who can’t afford to buy the latest music system or just don’t want to go through the hassle of buying one or even if the wires are just clumping near your feet which you consider super annoying so then the Chromecast Audio device is for you. Who said you have to be rich to make things wireless.

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2. Husban x4 Cam Plus Quadcopter

Husban x4 Cam Plus Quadcopter

You want to enter the world of drones but don’t have the thick pockets to get them then look no further, the Husban 4 Cam Plus Quadcopter is the choice for you. It is small in size and affordable but possesses a lot of different features, including a camera able to record 1080p quality videos. Save money and get something cool, best of both worlds.

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3. Anker Wireless Qi Phone Charger

Anker Wireless Qi Phone Charger

Welcome to the world of the future and that means being able to charge you phone nit by wire but without it. The Qi Phone charger makes you forget the pain of carrying around wires, thus making your life so much easier. Just keep your smartphone on the device and let the magic happen.

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4. Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch

Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch

Buttons, we will always be curious to see what will happen when we press it; will light turn on, will the fan spin; that curiosity always pull us in but now with the advancement of technology, we now have a button which we don’t have to press directly, though you still need a smartphone connected to same wifi to use it, nonetheless that’s still cool.

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5. Universal Foldable Solar Charger

Universal Foldable Solar Charger

Don’t you just hate those moments when you need to desperately charge your phone but you have no sockets around you and need a quick solution, well we can help you with that. Check out this cool device known as the Universal Foldable Solar Charger, which can charge your phone anywhere, though the downside is that you still need the sun to get it to work.

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6. Raspberry PI 3 Model

Raspberry PI 3 Model

Normally we thought that Laptops are as small as its going to get, guess what, WE WERE WRONG! We now have the Raspberry PI 3 Model, which is technically a PC, with the size of a credit card, and is actually quite the amazing thing. And yes, it quite cheap.

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7. Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Slow Cooker

Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Slow Cooker

Well we all love the concept of getting more done without doing much, yes it’s a contradiction, but with this device, it makes perfect sense. This fully automatic cooker cooks your food, and yes your thinking, all cookers do, but the special thing about this one is that you set the time as to when you need it cooked and then forget it for a while. When you come back at the specified time that YOU set, food will be cooked ready to be eaten.

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8. Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash

People spend so much money on fitness band every day, but I ask you this why do you do that when you have the super cheap Misfit Flash, which gives you the same features as the expensive ones such as, calories burned, steps walked heart rate, the works. The best thing about it is the six-month battery life.

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9. Shure SE 112 Earphones

Shure SE 112 Earphones

As we know, music is soothing many live by and with each passing day the devices, such as earphones keep getting more expensive every day, so if you’re low on budget then the Shure SE 112 Earphones is the best choice. Having a really good and detailed sound quality, it is a winner, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot on getting earphones.

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10. PNY 64 GB SD Card

PNY 64 GB SD Card

Time and time again, we wish things would just get cheaper and to be honest that is just a floating wish, however, SD Cards are one of those things which actually have gotten cheaper. So buy one if the bad boys, and plug them in to have 64 GB of data to store anything, be it picture or videos.

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11. Tile Mate

Tile Mate

We all have a tendency to lose keys, and at times when we are in a hurry and can’t find them, it can truly be a hassle. For that purpose, we give you the Tile Mate, a device which will help you find your device. Just attach it like a keychain; this device connect to your smartphone and can ping its location by making loud sounds so that you never have trouble finding your keys again; just make sure that you don’t lose your phone because that will only cause further unnecessary problems.

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12. Black Diamond Spot HeadLamp

Black Diamond Spot HeadLamp

Well you want to go for a night stroll and are afraid of the dark, or you have to get up early in the morning to tend to the chickens but the sun hasn’t come out to play yet, then this Head Lamp is the best option for you. It has multiple light mode for every situation, as well as a memory feature, meaning that when you turn it off, it retains the setting you set it to before you turn it off. Though it is cheap, it is still among the most popular headlamps.

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As you can see there are a lot of cool things out there, which you can buy without being loaded, all you need to do is thoroughly look for them, who knows you just might find your desired item without having to spend a lot of money.