Music is now the world biggest source of entertainment, and it exists for all ages, be it a young boy or girl or even someone who is old. Some say music is the only thing that keeps the world connected. From something like soul-shaking heavy metal or the soothing melody of blues, music has set its roots in many genres. In the time before, music could only be heard when someone played it and later on it could be stored in devices so that it could be heard whenever but obviously, not everyone listens to the same kind of music. Keeping this in mind, earphones were created, able to connect to a device like smartphones, or music players, through wires obviously but that was not enough as a wire could be considered an obstacle. Finally, with the advancement in technology, wireless earphones were created. Using the technology known as Bluetooth, this new line of earphones could be connected wirelessly without the means of wired connection. Some of the best Bluetooth Earphones/headset are mentioned below, so check them out and choose the right one for you.

1. Bluetooth Workout Head/Earphones by Enter The Arena

Bluetooth Workout Head/Earphones by Enter The Arena

As the name suggests, these earphones were designed for the purpose of listening to music while working out, due to the shape of these earphones, they do not fall off during rigorous training. These earphones are well known for its sound quality, even super clear in a noisy environment. It has a long battery life, meaning seamless enjoyment of music for up to 6 hours and 100 hours on standby. One of its redeeming features is its waterproofing capability.

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2. Wireless Bluetooth Headset by Sugar Skull

Wireless Bluetooth Headset by Sugar Skull

These earphones come with a Magnetic Neckband assuring the possibility of the earphones falling off is minimal, and the shape of the earphone itself boost that immunity to falling. These earphones have a large battery, rechargeable, noise canceling feature, crystal clear sound and can be used to make calls thanks to its built-in mic. Being waterproof also makes it a very popular choice.

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3. Waterproof Sports Earbuds Wireless Head/Earphones by JFONGWaterproof Sports Earbuds Wireless Head/Earphones by JFONG

These earphones were designed for those who excel in sports, those who work till the last drop of sweat drops from there forehead. This item is waterproof and designed for full comfort meaning it will not hinder the people who work hard. This earphone has a quick charge feature, which charges in 2 hours and works approximately for 7 hours.

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4. Wireless Earphones by HAYA

Wireless Earphones by HAYA

These super sleek and cool looking earphones by HAYA are a must buy especially based on its design. This earphone has a superb battery time of 6hours and a standby time of 120 hours, able to produce crystal clear HD sound and above all has a super range, meaning you do not have to keep your audio devices on hand to use this masterpiece. Apart from its comfortable design and look this thing has the quality of very good earphones going for it so it is considered a must buy.

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5. Bluetooth Head/Earphones by Esencuan

Bluetooth Head/Earphones by Esencuan

The Esencuan earphones are a very popular headset, being waterproof, noise canceling capability and stereo sound. Otherwise, known as the headset for the sportsman especially the no wire, meaning no hindrance for the sportsman.

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6. Bluetooth Head/Earphones by ESTAVEL

Bluetooth Head/Earphones by ESTAVEL

Another in the line of the cool, this earphone has a futuristic design which is simply eye-catching, while not compromising on the sound quality of the device itself. These earphones are super comfortable and perfect to use while playing sports on any activity which requires movement. Being water/sweat proof is one of its assets and a 10m radius is a big up. We can even say technology meet beauty.

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7. Bluetooth Head/Earphones by NAILZI

Bluetooth Head/Earphones by NAILZI

Simply plain is the best way to describe this earphone, however, don’t let its look fool you. This earphone is able to produce a very clear and loud audio which will enable its users to simply enjoy its music. It has a 4hour seamless music capability and is super comfortable. Apart from being able to connect wirelessly, it has a range of up to 33 feet away. One could call it elegant yet powerful.

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8. True Wireless Earbuds by Esanik

True Wireless Earbuds by Esanik

Like something from the future, the Esanik Head/Earphones are a futuristic and small headset but don’t let it fool you, it is a monster. Able to produce crystal clear sound from its small body is a way of showing its ingenuity. It has an amazing battery time of over 20 hours, super lightweight and even has a built-in mic so you can attend calls without having to use your smartphones. And the best part is noise cancelation so the pesky outsides sounds will not hinder you.

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9. Ebasy Bluetooth Head/Earphones

Ebasy Bluetooth Head Earphones

This earphone, with its simplistic design, is quite popular with the masses. Having the capability of noise reduction and waterproof capability makes it quite popular and what else is that it is compatible with the Apple iPhones which to some consider a very big deal. This earphone has been professionally designed for music lovers and best of all, mainly for iPhone lovers, it supports Siri, so a yes to voice command for everything.

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10. Bluetooth Head/Earphones by Bonsalay

Bluetooth Head/Earphones by Bonsalay

These earphones support multi-functionality, which means music, calls, the works, which in the end makes it very popular. Its compact size and crystal clear quality also boost the item, along with its IOS power display. What makes it more special, unlike most earphones; this device has the capability to connect to 2 devices simultaneously, meaning avoiding the hassle to play music from another device by disconnecting. A must buy for many people.

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We understand that earphones have become an absolute necessity, be it for listening to music or attending call. From this we understand, everyone needs at least one, and the only difference is to find that earphone which suits you. In this regard, hopefully, this list was helpful to you, so check them out and see which of these earphones work for you.