The modern day video resolutions have gone far beyond the 1080p standard. In fact 1080p is now considered a mediocre standard. The modern-day video game titles are now adapting quickly to the new standard 4K resolution making it quite clear that 1080p won’t be able to hold much longer. It is true that majority is still using the 1080p but now the incline has been started shifting towards the 4K technology. This is the reason why we will be talking today about the best 4K camera drones. The audience about 4K technology is already expanding so if you want to go for the best media consumption experience, 4K is the way to go. But these sorts of drones having 4K technology require the arrangement of vigorous money.

Let us have a deeper look at the best available 4K camera drones of 2018….

10. YUNEEC Breeze


Isn’t it fascinating to start off the list with such a name, “Breeze”? And it really is a breeze to fly. This drone is one of those with the capability of compactness, fold-able and great camera. It is a great gadget to fly and doesn’t require a professional behind the transmitter to do so. The Yuneec Breeze does have the 4K quality but the result will be a shaky footage so you have to choose between shaky footage and smooth footage. The camera is 13Mp which does a pretty good job for most of us. The Breeze offers 5 autonomous flight modes i.e. Selfie, Pilot, Orbit, Journey and Follow Me mode. The flight time is 12 minutes and the flight range is up to 80 meters.

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09. UPAIR One


It is a huge 4K camera drone comparing to the Yuneec Breeze. The Upair One can be a real phantom killer in disguise owing to its affordable price tag and great performance. These dashing drone sports brushless motors and you have the different camera options to choose from like 4K, 2.7K and 1080p camera modes. It ensures pinpoint accuracy by its GPS+ system. Upair One is highly capable of delivering excellent 4K camera drone performance. It does offer a great value for money. It has a 5400mAh battery with flight time of 20 minutes. All in all, It is a very good affordable drone with 4K camera.

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08. WALKERA Vitus


It is a relatively new drone that released in summer 2017. The appearance of this drone is quite aggressive but its performance is efficient. It offers a flight time of 22 minutes with the range extending to 1.5 kilometers. The Walkera Vitus has a great 12MPX Sony camera recording 4K at 30fps and FHD at 60fps making it the hotcake of the new drone generation. The obstacle avoidance system is there that detects the obstacles from 7 meters of distance.

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07. GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma

Karma is the first and the last entry GoPro’s entry into the arena till date. Karma has the ability to capture smooth footage in the air, handheld or body mounted. It is a portable drone which is extremely fold-able. You can fold it in its case and take in anywhere. When you are ready to fly, you can unfold it, attach propellers and go up in the air. It can take shake-free video both in the air and on ground. For professional looking handheld shots, all you need to do is to remove the Karma Stabilizer and attach Karma Grip.

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06. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone

If you want to have superb imagery experience, the X-Star Premium drone is the one for you. It is a ready to fly drone that doesn’t require any Starlink app for that purpose. It can also be used as an indoor drone because this drone is as safe in indoors and low altitude as outdoors because of state of the art flight control, GPS and navigation system. It has the ability to take ultra-HD videos with its 12MP 4K camera with live HD view within 1.2 miles radius. The flawless pictures will make you sure about the perfection of camera and stable operating system. It has amazing integrated image transmission to allow you a control flight direction and parameters.

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05. DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro can be summed up as “Portable and Powerful”. It is highly capable of collapsing down even to as small as bottle of water making it the ultimate choice for quad copter fans. Its range is 4.3 miles which is aided by GPS and satellite to help maintain precise location control. Its look and feel is different from some of the other masterpieces of DJI as it has more contour and angular shape. It is widely regarded as the DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. It can fly with 40 mph speed up to 27 minutes. It can see obstacles 15m before collision. DJI Mavic Pro relies on a powerful 12MPX sensor capable of recording 4K footage at 30fps.

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04. DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air

Mavic Air is a serious contender for the best 4K drone of 2018 for casual users. It is small, lightweight, portable, and foldable and acts like a professional air camera. Mavic Air has superior bitrates and higher FPS in lower resolutions. It can record 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 60fps and FHD at amazing 120fps. Mavic Air can last up to 21 minutes in the air and can fly up to 5 kilometers. The bitrate is also impressive i.e. 100mpbs.

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03. YUNEEC Typhoon H

YUNEEC Typhoon H

It comes with a new ST16 Pro Controller so no need for separate devices like phone or tablet. It has been made complaint to the FAA no-fly zone. Its 6 rotor safety with 5 rotor fail-safe and ultrasonic collision prevention keeps you safe and intact even in worse conditions. It has GPS enables 8 smart flight modes with auto return to home, auto takeoff and land. It is a great gadget even for new bees in this field. With its 4K Ultra High Definition video and capacity to capture 12 MP photos and retractable landing gear for 360 Degree filming, it’s a treat to have.

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02. DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus

DJI Phantom 4 Drone

The runner-up for first place in this list is the Phantom 4 Pro Plus. It is a brilliant drone with lot to offer to anyone who uses it. The design is quite traditional Phantom-Style which is very charming. The drone includes 5-directional obstacle avoidance mechanism, fluid GPS connectivity, Lightbridge transmission technology, ActiveTrack and TapFly. The drone package also includes an integrated Android-Powered tablet that comes with its transmitter. The range is 7 kilometers with 25 minutes of air time. This drone rocks with 20MPX sensor which records 4K smooth videos at 60fps.

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01. DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 Drone

Well the name is quite long but the drone is even more amazing. This drone has certain high quality features like capturing 5.2-K resolution video at 4.2Gbps for Adobe CinemaDNG raw videos. This drone has been made compatible by DJI to many platforms like Adobe CinemaDNG, Apple ProRes 422 HQ and ProRes 4444XQ. It has the ability to record 4K resolution video at a bit rate of 100Mbps. Video Streaming has been made of high quality to have a fantastic experience. The top speed has been increased up to 67 Mph. It can be used at both outdoor and indoor.

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