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The Best Drones for Kids 2022 Everything You Need Know

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, aircraft which can be remotely controlled, meaning that it does not necessarily require a human pilot rather is controlled from a safe location via a controller. This tech is commonly referred to as a drone.

The original concept of an unmanned aerial vehicle, AKA the drone is under the control of a computer system or by a human operator who controls it from a remote controller safely on the ground.

The initial purpose of the drone was to be used by the military, for missions that required non-human intervention or were considered to “dirty” or “dangerous” for humans, thus the drones were used as their replacement.

best drones for kids – Comparison Table

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Nowadays, however, their general use has been greatly expanded, specifically for non-military use and more to the commercial, agricultural, recreational and scientific side, for example, drones are now commonly being used for product deliveries, drone racing, and aerial photography.

This proves that not everything created for the military can only be used for the sake of the military. Drones nowadays are being used by the general populace, off all ages, to the point drones have even been designed in such a way that some drones can even be used by kids.

As such in this article, the best drone for kids, beginners, teenagers and even adults who can enjoy to their heart’s content will be discussed. So let’s get started with The Best drones for Kids that even teens or adults can enjoy.

6 Best Drones For Kids Reviews 2021

1. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone, among the best for kids, is a good choice for those with a low budget and is the perfect drones for kids. Being of good quality, it has up to 3 modes, so that it can easily be adjusted into the hands of beginner to even an experienced user.

It comes with a removal battery, thus making it easier to recharge, though the battery degrades over time, a replacement can easily be ordered at any time. The battery for this drone takes around 45 to 60 minutes to recharge, which gives you 6 to 8 minutes of actual flight time so it is recommended that spare batteries should be bought alongside the drone for continuous flight time and fun.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter DroneWith this drone comes 3-speed settings, this is so that even kids can easily control it, though at slow speed the drone has a slower response time though this is ideal for kids, especially if they are not used to flying a drone. The Holy Stone HS170 has been designed in such a way that it can be used both indoor and outdoor, especially due to the gyroscope, which ensures it to hover in place without going out of control. Due to the very durable design of the drone, no damage will be done to the drone in case it crashes.

Why is it liked?

This drone is cheaper than the most drone, it is mainly favored by kids and beginners. Though this drone is also considered a toy drone, is used by many for its features of being used by both experts and beginners. It also became popular with the kids due to its one-button flips and tricks which as well all know tends to attract kids, just because it’s cool.


  • It can perform very cool mid-air flips at the push of a button
  • The orientation is constantly fixed in place which makes it much easier to fly
  • Due to having a tough body, this drone can withstand crashes and falls


  • Due to the design of the feet, upon landing the drone can bounce off the ground
  • The battery which powers the drone itself hangs out


Well, it is a fact that the Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone for kids, is a great buy and it a guarantee that most kids will love it but not only they, even teens to adults can enjoy it, I would definitely but it. But make no mistake, though it is called a toy drone, not only children play with toys.

2. JJRC H68 RC Drone – Easy To Fly Drone For Kids

The JJRC H68 RC Drone is one of the new drones for kids to enjoy which has come to the markets. It is among the easier drones to fly and comes with many things along with it. Though this drone comes with a lot of features, it is among the best drones for kids, teen and adults if you don’t mind all the technical stuff which comes along with it.

The cost of this drone, the H68 is truly rocking it, especially when it comes to performance advantages. However, it does not have a built-in proximity sensor nor a GPS module, and it really would have been a very cool feature to have. Having a high powered battery, this drone can bring you up to 20 minutes of flight time per battery charge due to having a 3.7V 1800mAh Li-Po battery, also making one the most longest flying quadcopter in its current price range.

JJRC H68 RC Quadcopter Drone with CameraAlong with the sleek and cool design and the desired performance level, the JJRC H68 has several features which makes it one of the perfect drones for beginners, those features include headless motion, speed mode and an altitude hold function so that you can learn the basic controls of flight control, and once your hand is set, you can soar the drone at greater speeds, which obviously more gnarly fun.

The other features this drone has to offer is the 720P HD camera, which as a result means that it is perfect for those who want to record videos or take pictures from angle which require height, with colorful LED which has been installed into the Drone which is very helpful especially if you plans to fly the drone at night time.

Why is it liked?

Due to its long battery time and 720p HD camera, the H68 is very popular among those who need shoot videos and take pictures and is loved by just the general populace because if you think about it, it is a drone and that enough makes it cool enough to buy if you can afford it.


  • Giving the users easy to use flight control
  • Easily customizable with a lot of options to make it look according to desire
  • A 720P HD camera which is detachable if needed to be removed
  • Extremely long flight time, up to 20 minutes per charge


  • It does not have GPS Module and Proximity Sensor
  • A Limited control range


The JJRC H68 is among the best choice to have; it has a long flight time, a very good battery, HD camera and is durable so even if it crashes, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged easily but remember that does not make it completely immune to damage so still be careful. So if want to fly this drone for kids and just have fun or plan to use it for something else, then this is the drone for you.

3. SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable FPV Wi-Fi Drone

The Snaptain A15 Foldable drone for kids, is one of the very unique drones which have made its way to the market, it in no way ca only be considered as just a drone for kids, even teens and adults can enjoy this drone with its cool features.

The A15, as I have said b4 has many features but before I get into that, let me tell you that for all the things it has, it is at a very affordable and reasonable price so after hearing all about it, don’t just assume that this tech will be expensive. One of the features the A15 has is the 720P HD wide-angle camera and this is but the tip of the iceberg.

SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable FPV Wi-Fi DroneThe most obvious feature of this drone is so obvious that it is in the name itself, “foldable”, yes this drone can be folded to the point that it can fit in the palm of your hand, making it light to the minimum, thus making it the perfect drone if you want to carry it around.

As I have said before, this drone comes with a camera, so that you can record HD videos or take fantastic photos. A Wi-Fi interface has been built into the A15, which also makes live streaming possible, and trust me it will be smooth and seamless.

One of the coolest features that the Snaptain A15 has is the voice control system, which you can use to maneuver your drone, for example, to take off, and go in a specific direction or land. This is one of the features which make it easily controllable, even for beginners and kids, but truly this is the drone for teens, adults or whoever just wants to have fun.

Another feature this drone has is the trajectory flight, it works with an app which is downloaded and installed on the phone, which enables the user to set a path on the app which the drone will follow, which makes it much easier to fly. The controller also holds a button which enables the drone to do 360-degree flips as well as rolls in the air.

The reason this drone can be considered as a drone for kids as well is due to the headless mode and the three-speed settings, thus making it easily controllable for even beginners, though flight time is not that great as it is only around 7 minutes from each battery.

Why is it liked?

Why is it liked? For many reasons actually; it is affordable, has many features, durability, voice control, portable and has a very cool look and design. The best thing is that it can be used by anyone without much hindrance.


  • Good for both experienced and unexperienced flyers
  • The amazing voice control system
  • Affordable
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Seamless app control
  • Several features such as an HD 720P Camera
  • Portable due to being foldable


  • Short flight time of around 7 minutes per battery
  • Possibility of loss of sync with remote and Wi-Fi, the range could have been longer


Buy it without a second thought, having this many features and so little drawback, especially at this price is a great opportunity. Not many drones for kids can boast these many features at such cheap rates.

4. Spacekey DC-104 FPV Wi-Fi Drone

Spacekey FPV Wi-Fi drone, among the drone for kids, designed for children is among the best to have, specifically to give to a child or a complete amateur in the drone flying business. Thought this drone might be cheap or been supposedly claim just for children, that consideration is very inaccurate. Rather this drone can be enjoyed by both children and adults. One can also claim the Space key a drone for the teen as well.

Drone for Kids with Camera, DROCONThough this drone might look very simple, it holds several features which makes it quite desirable such as the 720P/30fps 120-degree wide-angle camera which can lead to superb quality and beautiful colors.

Keeping in mind that kids like to carry around their toys, this drone has been designed in such a way that it folds and becomes much more compact and portable thus making it easily carryable. Apart from that as we know that kids at times make mistakes but that is an obvious thing, accordingly in this drone an altitude hold function has been installed so that even beginners can easily learn the ropes even if at first they might not know the basics.

One of the best features that this drone holds within itself is the app feature, meaning that this drone can also be controlled from a smartphone if the correct app is installed, and another upside to this is the possibility of new function which comes with the app updates, isn’t that cool!

Others have also been seen as streaming from this drone as it possesses the Wi-Fi function and one of the classics to drones, the LED lights enabling it to fly even at a night time or in a somewhat dark place.

Other features also include one key start/landing, gravity sensor mode, headless mode and speed modes which makes it easier for children to operate without many technicalities and enables them to get used to the drone much more easily.

Why is it liked?

Being among the drones which are easy to control and learn, it has become very popular with the children and even adults who are still not used to handling a could say it is the perfect drone startup or the first drone to get.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple features which are easy to grasp
  • Foldable thus portable
  • Built-in camera
  • Durable


  • 6 to 7-minute flight time
  • Limited control Distance


The Spacekey DC-104 is among the best in case you are new to the drone world and due to being cheap you can learn how to take to the skies before upgrading to something else. Due to these facts, it has become a very popular drone for kids.

5. ZLRC Beast SG906 Foldable RC Drone

The ZLRC Beast SG906, like in the name itself is a little monster, based on the design of the DJI Mavic Air which is a comparatively, an expensive drone, the SG906 is a very similar looking drone, especially keeping in mind that it has an advanced camera, and is considered to be much more affordable. The confirmed quality of the camera which has been installed in this drone is 4K. However, this drone for kids has a major drawback, as it cannot record pictures or videos onto an SD card and has to be streamed directly n to your smartphone devices, which as a result provides degraded quality.

SG906Though the SD card issue might some people off, that still does not make the SG906 a bad drone. Having several other features still keeps this drone on the market and makes it popular. The Beast has an integrated optical flow sensor, which causes it to remain stable in the air, which is an important feature, especially when it comes to kids or beginners as it provides precise and accurate flight control.

Like many other drones, the SG906 has classic smart drone functions as well, such as the follow me, return home, points of interest and custom waypoints. Keeping all this in mind, the Beast SG906 is among the best drones for kids.

One of the best thing about the SG906 is its flight time, which the manufacturers have confirmed to be of approximately 23 minutes and with a control range of 400 meters, however, these claims can vary according to where you are flying the drone and if there is much radio transmission interference.

Why is it liked?

Though the camera issue is a problem and can use much more stabilization alongside an SD card feature, the SG906 is an amazing choice for kids and beginners, one could say that is among the best for a startup drone. It is a great option if you are at a fixed budget for a drone.


  •       Amazing flight time
  •       Affordable
  •       Built-in 4K Camera
  •       Large Control Distance
  •       Wi-Fi
  •       Several classic drone features


  • Stability of the camera could be better
  • Does not support SD card
  • Degrading of the picture and video quality on streaming to a device


The ZLRC Beast SG906, though considered as a toy drone or a drone for kids, it is still among the popular for drone lovers, especially with its flight time as not many drones in this price range give. When it comes to the beast don’t just get stuck on the things it does not offer rather than all the features that it does give you, it is a good buy.

6. HJ28 6-Axis RC Drone Quadcopter

This drone has been created by Oldeagle, the HJ28 6-Axis RC Drone Quadcopter a very beautifully designed drone for kids. It holds its place among the selfie drones, which according to a specific gesture take a selfie of the user, which to be honest is kind of cool.

HJHRC HJ28 RC DroneIt possesses a 5.0 Megapixel camera capable of taking footage at 1080P at a single gesture with many of the classic features a drone comes with. They include the headless mode, Wi-Fi, altitude hold function and folding capabilities, which makes it quite portable and easy to carry around.

It takes an average of 80 to 100 minutes to charge and has a flight time of approximately 20 min. the main reason it is considered as a drone for kids is the single button agility which enables it to do flips and tricks while in air and the speed mode which according to the user can be adjusted so that even beginners have no issue flying it.

Why is it liked?

Due to the drone being easily flyable and having many features which make it easier for kids to fly, is the main reason for popularity. All the other features which along with it are simple the cherries on top of the cake.


  •   Affordable
  •   Foldable and portable
  •   Gesture recognition
  •   Wi-Fi
  •   Great flying time


  • Flight Range


The HJ28 6-Axis is an amazing drone for kids, it is cheap, has a lot of features and is the perfect startup drone. Boasting so many features such as the gesture-controlled selfie, many have been enamored by and no can forget its stylish architecture, a great buy.

Final Words

Though we all know that the original purpose of drones was completely different compared to today, drones at times can still be dangerous especially how they are used and for what purpose but that is only one outlook. In all honesty, drones are super fun and personally, it’s a very great and productive hoppy to have especially if you want your child to be who goes and have fun rather just sitting on his behind in front of a TV all day and hope that this article was an eye-opener for those who want to get involved in the world of drones.

I have examined and tested a wide range of quadcopters of different budgets and from various manufacturers. Furthermore, I scrutinized the features of drones designed especially for kids, including their security features. For a fair comparison, I have also taken into account the reviews from other users, including parents, while compiling the reviews of the very best drones for kids so you can find a great safe and entertaining activity for your children.

Best Drones For Kids – Comparison Table

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