Drones are the hottest trend these days when you talk about technology and gadgets. They are becoming super popular both professionally and recreationally. But before getting one, you need to do some homework first. For a beginner it is better to buy a cheaper drone, lets say drones under $150, since it will take you sometime to get used to fly and maneuver it. But if you want a drone with professional camera and features, then you can have a look here.  But keep in mind, buying an inexpensive model doesn’t mean that it will have nothing, you still can get a decent enough drone that has a good flight time, camera and other features. But if you are a pro, then you need to see these best drones for a better taste.

Here we are presenting a list of cheaper but capable enough drones that will best suite you as a beginner

  1. Holy Stone F181
  2. DROCON U31W
  3. Haktoys HAK905
  4. DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV Drone
  5. UDI 818A
  6. H107C+HD
  7. Syma X5C

Let’s check out their specifications briefly which can help to choose the best drone for you.

07. Holy Stone F181

Holy Stone F181

It is the best drone if you are looking to get your feet wet in quad copter world owing to its affordability and ease of flying. With a flight time of almost 9 minutes and range of 100 meters, it will make every inch of drone flying fantasy come true. Moreover, its ABC Plastic body helps the machine against bumps which is very good for new bees. You can shoot pictures with its efficient enough 2MP camera. It doesn’t allow live streaming back to your smartphone but what else you can get in such a price.

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This drone is widely regarded as the best outdoor drone for beginners. Not only that but this thing brings an amazing set of features to the table and also advertised toward children. The feature that makes it the best outdoor drone is the barometer-equipped altitude control. It allows you to maintain the flight so you can enjoy the shots and selfies. The camera is also pretty good consisting of 120 degree wide angle lens that captures in 720p HD. This thing can also be controlled with smartphone control mode along with the normal controller. Plus, it comes with a one year warranty to protect against factory defects.

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05. Haktoys HAK905

Haktoys HAK905

This little beauty has got tons of features for you even in such a cheap price. It is perfect for sleepover parties owing to its four blades that have a protective set of frames and super bright LED lights. The drone has a LI-Po battery installed allowing you to fly uninterruptedly for a while. The flight time is 9 minutes but it takes almost 40 minutes for the battery to charge up. You can fly the drone up to 350 feet so, while that range is friendlier for indoor use, it can head outside for a good distance, too. That’s why it is so much popular amongst the indoor flying lovers.

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It is a stellar budget drone that gives you a crazy amount of bang considering the fact that you have paid almost nothing. The good thing about this model is that it shoots and sends 720p HD video directly to your phone. It gives you the option to record as well what the drone sees from the top. The battery only lasts about 9 minutes but still it’s a good time for a drone that shoots video. It is also compatible with VR headsets. The drone takes care of orientation itself, whatever direction you move, the drone will move automatically.

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03. UDI 818A

UDI 818A

This drone is best if you are to learn about the basics of flying before you go ahead to more advance stages. The control of this plane is all in your hands to keep this bird in the air. The controls are easy to learn and grasp giving you a hell lot fun to fly it. The only disappointing thing is the camera which demands to keep your expectations about photography and video to a low level. The flight time is about 8 minutes but what would you expect in such a price. For beginners, understanding the remote is critical and, fortunately, the UDI shines in this area. The controller is comfortable, albeit boxy, and sports a fairly traditional set of functions.

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02. H107C+HD


It is the best mini drone with a mini and affordable price. These palm-sized machines will give you a hell lot of fun and flying experience. Its flight time is 7 minutes with its battery fully charged by 40 minutes. The best thing about this gadget is the Altitude-Hold Mode. In this mode, you’ll be able to capture 720p video without a three-axis gimbal and still take semi-stable footage. For a recreational drone that’s miniature in stature, this is quite a perk at such a low price point. The maximum range for this drone is 150 feet. So, not so much mini in expectations as the drone looks.

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01. Syma X5C

Syma X5C

This is the pick for best overall drone and it’s also the number 1 seller of Amazon. Its flight time is 7 minutes but considering its price, it is not much of a drawback. The battery takes around 90 minutes to get fully charged up and get you in the air again. This little machine is durable but its parts are also available in case of damage. Flying with the controller is responsive and smooth and the 150-foot range is more than enough for first-timers. This drone is a fantastic deal, punching well above its price tag and providing a great introductory experience to the drone and quad copter world.

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