As days go on we see that everything, little by little keeps on getting smaller. We already know that carrying smartphones, is something we all do but what if you had other useful things which you carry around without even feeling the weight of it. So let’s check out some of these Portable Tech Gadgets, palm-sized devices which we can carry around everywhere. Hope you enjoy.

1. Star Wars Episode 7 Light-Up Headphones

Star Wars Episode 7 Light-Up Headphones

If you’re constantly on the move, you need music like any other person, because you definitely don’t want to be bored and these star wars earphones will definitely light up your world. Feel the groove like a Sith Lord and jazz with the Jedi. These earphones have a superb quality and are mega comfortable thus being a good choice to buy.

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2. Anker Powercore+ Mini Powerbank

Anker Powercore+ Mini Powerbank

In this and age where everyone carries smartphones in order to stay connected, there is always those time when your phone dies, and carrying power bank is just too much of a pain but you still have too. In this regard, we bring you the ANKER POWERCORE+MINI POWER BANK. It super portable and you won’t feel any discomfort carrying this in your pocket. Though it won’t charge your phone to the max, again and again, it will charge it fully or to near full so at least you won’t have to worry about your battery when you need your smartphone in a hurry.

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3. Telsa Coil USB Rechargeable Lighter

Telsa Coil USB Rechargeable Lighter

Gas lighters are slowly becoming a thing of the past and in all honesty, they have become boring but now we have electrical lighter which comes in all shape and sizes. Among them is the Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Lighter, being able to light up your cigarettes 300 times on a single charge and that is quite cool.

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4. Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Laser Pointer

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Laser Pointer

Are you one of those people who have a pet and want to make it chase that pointer or just someone in general who likes laser light, then get ready because what we tell you about now in the Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Laser Light, this light is able to produce a length of 3.75 inches, so when you are using it you will definitely like the DARK SIDE.

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5. Amir Clip-on Smartphone Camera Lenses

AMIR Camera Lens Kit

Hey, are you one of those people who think that “hey I have a really great camera phone” then guess what, it can get better with the AMIR CLIP-ON CAMERA LENSE. As you know like any professional camera, the lenses can truly make the difference, it is the same for these phone lenses, compatible with most phones, it will truly make a difference.

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6. Stream-light 73001 Nano Key-chain Flashlight

Stream-light 73001 Nano Key-chain Flashlight

You’re out somewhere, and suddenly there is a blackout and you thinking to yourself “damn, if I only had a light”. Well, worry no more when you have the STREAMLIGHT 73001 NANO KEYCHAIN FLASHLIGHT. it is small and portable and you can easily carry it around in you pocket or hang it to your keys, wow its useful.

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7. Freehawk 7-IN-1 Key-chain Multi-tool

Freehawk 7-IN-1 Key-chain Multi-tool

These days you never know when you might need a tool, wherever you might be, may it be to tighten up a bold or even open up a bottle lid, thus we bring you the Freehawk 7-in-7 keychain Multi-tool. It comes with a Built-in LED light, a bottle opener, screwdriver a knife. This tool is definitely handy to have.

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8. Star Wars Astromech Droid Mini Backpack Key-chains

Star Wars Astromech Droid Mini Backpack Key-chains

Well if you’ve checked out this list you have seen many gadgets which are very portable but now we bring you something portable for your portable gadgets. The Star Wars Astromeck Droid Mini Backpack Keychain, which functions like an actual backpack in which you can store your portable devices to keep them safe.

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9. IClever Folding Keyboard

IClever Folding Keyboard

People use smart devices every day, wherever they may be but there comes a point when one becomes tired of constantly typing on the device itself and you can’t carry around a typical keyboard. That’s where the Iclever Folding Keyboard comes in. being able to fold and thus reducing its size, it can be easily carried around, the best part is that is compatible with all smart devices, so it can be used no matter what smart device you have.

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10. Bellbeat Leaf Health Tracker

Bellbeat Leaf Health Tracker

For the women, a health tracker which actually look really cute, it is compatible with both Android devices as well as Apple devices. It is designed to look in this specific way that it can be either be worn as a bracelet or a necklace and thank god it doesn’t look bulky.

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11. Tile Mate and Slim Item Finder Combo 4-Pack

Tile Mate and Slim Item Finder Combo 4-Pack

These devices are for those people who have a tendency to constantly lose their stuff, be it your key or even your backpack. These devices sync with your phone and are able to be pinged, thus making a loud sound so that they can be heard from anywhere. Now you won’t lose you things but just make sure not to lose your phone or else you will have real problems.

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12. 8BITDO Mini Zero Bluetooth Gamepad

8BITDO Mini Zero Bluetooth Gamepad

If you think about it, in the past we would have never have thought that gaming would be possible wherever we are thanks to smart devices, but still, it doesn’t give that classic controller in the hand gaming feel. Now along with your smart devices we give you the 8bitdo mini zero Bluetooth gamepad, having the size of a keychain, it can be carried around anywhere and gives you the option of enjoying your games with a controller anywhere.

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13. GoPro Hero Session Action Camera

GoPro Hero Session Action Camera

GoPro Action cam, though many more action cams exist, this one is among the best. It is small and easily carryable, however, that does not diminish its capability. This camera is able to record videos at 1080 p full HD video at 60fps, has WiFi, Bluetooth and is waterproof for those underwater shots.

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