Although television has existed for a long time now, the TV that now exists is not just simple television rather a complete, fully packed entertainment system. In today’s age, where we have smartphones and tablets, companies have gone the extra mile to create smart TV, which has their own custom operating system, applications, and other amazing features, so what we have done is gathered a list for you of the most popular and affordable best smart TV’s available online.

1. Music Computing MCLCDTTV43024k

Music Computing MCLCDTTV43024k

This TV, one of the best smart TV ever manufactured, bring you an amazing and vivid experience, when watching movies or shows. The company is known for beautiful displays and will give you the clearest of views. With a 43″ screen, it has a touchscreen display and gives people the complete SMART TV package.

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2. Sony XBR55X900F

Sony XBR55X900F

If you want a crystal display of fun and entertaining apps to keep you busy this TV is ideal for you and your family, which will ensure you’ll have a great time. Other than fact that this TV was manufactured by SONY which by brand name alone grantees satisfaction.

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3. Samsung QN82Q6

Samsung QN82Q6

This TV has an alluring design and an even better QLED display screen; you’ll notice the tiniest bit of detail when watching on this amazing machine. While the 82” TV is particularly famous for having a large fantastic display, its speaker systems are equally powerful, that you won’t even need a 4K theater system.

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4. LG Electronics 32LJ550B

LG Electronics 32LJ550B

With this 32″ TV you can watch YouTube videos, catch up with your friends on Facebook or catch up on the latest trends on Twitter, this Smart TV will give you a social media experience much better than most smartphones especially with its 720p level quality.

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5. TCL 55C807

TCL 55C807

Looking for a TV that can replace cinemas, then look no further as this 55” TV is the one for you. This TV’s 4K Ultra HD will give you an experience like no other. It will make u feel super immersed in the movie that you might even get lost in them.

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6. Sony XBR55X930E

Sony XBR55X930E

This 55” TV will make you feel the quality of the display as experiencing the work of moving art at the 4K quality. The TV will pull you in and you will feel the sound as though you were there during the recording of your favorite show.

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7. Samsung Electronics UN65MU8500

Samsung Electronics UN65MU8500

This amazing 65” 4K curved Ultra HD TV will take you to another plane of entertainment with its brilliant display and crystal clear sounds.

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8. TCL 55S405

TCL 55S405

Your smart device and your television in one single piece of technology while giving you the best display and sound which will sure that you will get the best of both worlds, the world of applications and movies at 4K Ultra HD quality.

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9. LG Electronics 55SK8000PUA

LG Electronics 55SK8000PUA

With this TV, Applications will be there at your fingertips without having to use your PC or Smartphone. It will give you the best quality which a 55” Ultra HD 4K TV can give you.

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10. VIZIO Smart LED TV E32-C1


This TV has a 32″ inch display, built-in WiFi, along with clear sound and fun apps to keep you busy and entertain throughout the day. It is perfect for family time.

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