Can drones be operating underwater? It is a question that many of the beginners ask. Well, the answer is yes; they can be operated underwater and quite efficiently I must add. These are the drones that allow you to descend into the mysterious depths of lakes, seas and oceans. These drones are fully equipped to handle any situation underwater so that they can produce the best results. By virtue of these underwater drones, you can see and record what’s going on underwater. The dream of having our own submersible drone has finally come true. But the thing is they are not much affordable as yet.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at what we underwater drones we have in 2019….

08. iBubble


This drone is the first hands-free underwater gadget of its kind. This drone has been to follow you wherever you go underwater. It takes HD images and shots underwater without any operation on your end. It is the first completely autonomous underwater drone specifically built for scuba divers. It has the best feature of creating underwater movies with sports camera. The operator of the drone wears a bracelet that makes the drone follow you like your pet. The drone can move up to 80 feet away from divers.

07. DTG2


DTG2 is famous for its unmatched maneuverability with the help of Deep Trekker. It also has a HD camera with a 330 degree field of view so you can enjoy the live feed of all the directions. It is ideal for tough underwater environments as it has a speed of 2.5 Knots with depth ranging to 150m. The DTG2 claims to be the easiest drone in terms of maneuverability. It is available in two models i.e. the DTG2 Starter and DTG2 Smart. Now choice is yours.

06. Trident

Trident underwater drone

Trident is especially designed for the use by boaters, scuba divers and underwater exploration. It has been thoroughly designed keeping optimization and usability in mind. One interesting feature of this gadget is the offset thruster design. This design allows the user to move through the water swiftly when you are on a search mission and also delicately when you are behind a certain target. Moreover, it can be controlled by laptop and tablet from a boat or a shore.

05. Fathom ONE

Fathom ONE

It is the cheapest underwater drone in our list with price of just $600. It has a versatile design with three thrusters on sides with clips so that you can pack or customize your device easily. Not only that but you can also develop custom thrusts for an ultimate unique experience. You can also attach action cameras, extra lights and sensors thanks to the integrated rail system. It doesn’t matter what the application is, the Fathom ONE is all set to cater your needs. You can stream live within a 100 foot radius on your iOS or Android.

04. JW Fishers Sea Otter-2

JW Fishers Sea Otter-2

The SeaOtter-2 has been designed for the areas with low to medium currents. This underwater drone also features a front and rear facing color cameras with pan and tilt. The front camera has 2200 lumen LED lights while the rear one has a ring of high intensity LEDs. This drone offers a maximum depth of 500 feet. The function of the SeaOtter-2 is managed through a compact hand-held controller. System controls are cleanly laid out in a high impact case with an ultra-bright 10.4 inch flat screen monitor built into the lid.

03. AquaBotix


AquaBotix is a technology leader in the field of underwater gadgets. AquaBotix gadgets are faster, smarter, reliable, and offers more ease of use than any other ROVs. The HydroView is a remote controlled underwater vehicle that records live video and captures still photos in high definition. With Aquabotix’s innovative iPad or laptop applications, anyone can fly the HydroView through the water with no formal training. They have used the state of the art technology in their gadgets to use it underwater.

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02. Robosea BIKI

Robosea BIKI

BIKI drone is a special underwater gadget. It is the only underwater drone having automated balance, obstacle avoidance, and return to base. It provides you with the best underwater shots by virtue of its 4K camera. When this baby gets underwater, you can totally feel a new perspective about underwater world. It is also a robot pet so tell it what you want and it will do for you.

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01. Power Vision PowerRay

Power Vision PowerRay Wizard

Explore and capture photos and incredible 4K video of the world beneath the surface–from the comfort of your boat–with the PowerRay Wizard Underwater ROV Kit from PowerVision. This bundle includes loads of things like PowerRay gadget and its base station, wireless transmitter, controller, batteries, chargers and a 64GB memory card. And to top it all off, you’ll enjoy a pair of ZEISS VR ONE Plus Goggles, which work with your smartphone to enable access to immersive, real-time, streaming 3D video from below the surface–so you can feel as though you’re actually riding inside the ROV. This versatile kit is highly portable so it can be easily carried and transported anywhere in its case.

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