Gadgets, they were originally designed to make our lives easier or maybe just to have cool things to have fun with, long story short, gadgets have become part of our lives and we are constantly looking for some more cool things to add to our arsenal to simply add, so let’s check out this list of 10 Useful Gadgets You Must Have, so enjoy.

1. Aquor Frost Free House Hydrant

Aquor Frost Free House Hydrant

Do you hate having to deal with the leakage of your water hose which is connected to a supply which constantly leaks, and can be a pain to attach your hose too then look no further as Aquor bring you its House Hydrant, available in two colors, all you have to do is connect and spin, making it so much easier to use your water hose and the best part is that when you disconnect the water supply turns off, so you never have to worry about wasting water ever again.

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2. Singlecue Gen 2

Singlecue Gen 2

Well, now you can truly say welcome to the future. The singlecue device which makes everything controllable in your home without having to touch anything. This device you house gestured controlled system. Just plug it into a socket, download the app and select your devices, that’s it, now your home is truly smart.

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3. Nokia Thermo

Nokia Thermo

Well look at this now, is there anything that isn’t smart. Nokia introduces a Smart Thermometer, all you need to do is swipe it on a hot spot on your body like your forehead and it gives you a clinically accurate temperature; apart from that also using its app, it can even give you fever management advice. Hooray to technology.

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4. Switchmate Snap On

Switchmate Snap On

Are you one of those people who invest in smart lighting to make your home smart but if you ever leave you have to leave that system with you, then no problem, with the Switchmate Snap on, you can turn all the simple light in your home smart. Install the app and magnetically attach the device to your light switch and control your lights with your smartphone, truly smart.

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5. Kenu Airframe Car Phone Mount

Kenu Airframe Car Phone Mount

The ultimate holder, which attaches itself to your cars air vents, with the kungfu mobility feature you can set your smartphones horizontally or vertically, to your preference. The best part is that its small enough to carry anywhere.

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6. Mad Gaze

Mad Gaze

The ultimate way to enter the smart virtual world. Shaped like glasses, bring the virtual power to the real world, especially with the gesture system and voice command.

7. Vobot Smart Clock

Vobot Smart Clock

Vobot Smart Clock, which supports Alexa, is a must-have device. It is able to connect to your phone with WiFi connectivity and also support gesture control. It is like the perfect assistant to support you in your endeavors.

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8. Archisketch


The ultimate device which physically connects to your phone, for the purpose of designing a room with an actual 3D model of your specified room.

9. Wekey Pocket 2

Wekey Pocket 2

The worlds smallest and lightest keyboard which can quite literally carry in their pocket, and guess what it even has a small mouse pad. The best part is that is compatible with all devices.

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10. SideKick


The smallest powerbank in the world. It has an internal battery and even supports, external cells you can get anywhere. With its fast charging built-in cable, you won’t have to worry about carrying a wire to charge. And again, it is mega portable.

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