This era is marked as the era of drone. The technology advancements in the field of drones have been so immense that a revolution has been brought to this field. Drone flying is a hobby to some people but to many of them, it has become an obsession in the last decade. But the fact is, it doesn’t matter whether you are a drone hobbyist or a beginner in this arena, purchasing a waterproof drone is never a bad idea. Waterproof drones have their own freedom of flight and other benefits. You can always get awesome underwater shots beyond your expectations. But the thing is that the selection of suitable waterproof drones is actually quite limited.

Still, we have managed to gather the best of them for you. So have a look and see what we have to offer….

07. ProDrone PD4-AW

ProDrone PD4-AW

PRODRONE is a Japanese drone manufacturer that has developed wide range of drones over the years. Japan also has the significance of being one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Their PD4-AW is a quadcopter which has the capability of making water surface landings. The total payload of this drone is 3.5 kilos. It is also capable of amphibious landings. For making it to fly for an unlimited time you can connect a cable with it. It can also be customized for laying cables and land surveying.



The name seems interesting, isn’t it? The thing is QUADH2O will make you pay almost 3000$ to have a ready to fly variant but more importantly, you get a drone with the capability to land on water. It has an included FPV mini camera but you can also choose any camera you like. Its maximum speed is 45mph and a GPS included. You also have an option to get a waterproof gimbal but keep in mind that it will reduce the flight time to 8 minutes rather 12 minutes.

05. JJRC H31


This waterproof drone is especially made for beginners. It has been made durable. It will keep flying even of you are hit. The drone is very easy to fly and also moves really fast giving you a great flying experience. Its time range is 80 minutes. Because of its size, its flight in windy conditions is not much suitable. It is fully capable of doing 360 flips. It is waterproof alright but you should try to avoid its landing on water because of the holes in the design. You can say that it is more suitable for beginners but still it’s an efficient enough waterproof drone.

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04. Goolsky Q353 Triphibian

Goolsky Q353 Triphibian

The Goolsky Q353 is a very cool and unique toy drone. It offers some unique capabilities like it can sail it on the water just like an amphibian car, it can take off with ease from water and it can also run on land. This drone has been made completely waterproof, you can dump its head in water and it will float back right up. It has one key return home button along with a remote control as well. What makes it more unique is the fact that it is a toy drone but you can alter between water, land and air. Its range is 150 meters and flight time is about 7 minutes.

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03. Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone-New Z

Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone-New Z

It is a Fly Away sort of drone because it doesn’t require an FAA registration. It is basically designed for freshwater use. Its speed varies in water and in air i.e. 6 mph on water and 11 mph in the air. You can have access to more tricks and maneuvers by downloading the FreeFlight app from PlayStore. It has a VGA mini camera included. You can take aerial shots easily with the help of embedded camera. It can fly in air and water both at indoor and outdoor owing to its shock resistant design.

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02. GP Toys NextX H2O Aviax Drone

GP Toys NextX H2O Aviax Drone

This is a great starter drone for water or land. This drone is best for underwater footage even if you are new to underwater drones. It can dive up to 20cms in water making you have immense fun. It has colorful LED lights which makes its night flight a lovely experience. It has a LCD transmitter which displays the battery life, speed and other flight data. It can do a 360 degree flip, has cruise control and headless mode. The drone is about the size of a dinner plate and can be controlled from over 300 feet away. It has reliable customer service that will respond to questions or concerns within 24 hours.

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01. Splash Drone 3 Auto 4K

Waterproof Drones

It is the latest version of the Splash Drone. It can float on water, fly in rain land and surf on water as well. It possesses the “follow me” functionality making it a great device for water sports like surfing, skiing and other. The camera is also waterproof which is capable of capturing 4K camera shots underwater. Its range is about 1Km. The Splash Drone Auto comes with a 2 axis waterproof gimbal for stable camera and video shots with its 4K camera. You get live video feed and real time data on the new all in one controller.

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