Different Types of Gaming Keyboards

Different Types of Gaming Keyboards You Should Know

A gaming keyword is much more important than a simple tool to comment on your favorite social media platform or type emails to your clients. They have quick response time, superior durability, and smart features as compared to standard keywords. However, understanding the different types of gaming keyboards is vital to choosing the perfect fit for your needs. Markets are flooded with a wide range of gaming keyboards, but having essential knowledge can be handy for both selection and usage. Let’s dig in and find out the most popular types of gaming keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards vs. Rubber Dome keyboards

Mechanical keyboards vs. Rubber Dome keyboards

There are two types of gaming keyboards available on the market keyboards with mechanical switches and keyboards with rubber dome switches.

How Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Work

Mechanical keyboards have spring-loaded mechanical switches under keys. When you press the key, the switch closes and sends an electrical signal to the computer. When the key is released, it is pushed back to its original position by the tension in the spring. Mechanical gaming keyboards are more expensive than rubber gaming keyboards.

How Rubber Dome Gaming Keyboards Word

Rubber dome keyboards have a membrane layer covered by rubber domes under keys. When you press the key, the rubber dome flexes downwards and causes the inner surface to close a circuit. It sends an electrical signal to the computer.

When the key is released, it is pushed back to the original position by the tension in the rubber dome. They are less expensive than mechanical keyboards and are therefore the most common types of gaming keyboards best quiet gaming keyboards used.

Differences Between Rubber Dome Keyboards and Mechanical Keyboards

Noise level

Rubbers dome keyboards don’t have mechanical parts and are much quieter as compared to mechanical keyboards. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are louder and are used mainly by touch typists due to their noise level. However, if you are annoyed with the loud noises of mechanical keyboards, there are special low noise switches available on the market.

Tactile Feedback

Another major difference between mechanical and rubber keyboards is how much tactile feedback they offer on your keystrokes. Mechanical keyboards provide ultra smoother movement before activating. On the other hand, rubber dome keyboards feel a bit mushy when the dome is compressed.


When you press the key of the rubber dome keyboard, it loses some of its flexibility. Commonly used keys like WASD become less responsive and eventually stop responding to the keystrokes.

This problem doesn’t exist with the mechanical keyboards. Such keyboards last for a long time as compared to rubber dome keyboards.


The keycaps on mechanical keyboards can be removed easily for cleaning. You can also remove all important trays under the keys where most dirt and germs build up.

On the other hand, removing keycaps on rubber dome keyboards is not possible, which makes cleaning a challenging task. You can only clean the top of the keys but not the underneath.

Final Words

Choosing the right gaming keyboard depends on many factors like budget, features, and durability. It’s up to your gaming needs to select the best gaming keyboard. For instance, if you have a low budget and you want to buy a keyboard with less noise, rubber dome or membrane keyboards are perfect for you. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are expensive but offer excellent gaming performance with convenient cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Different Types of Mechanical Switches?

There are three types of mechanical switches clicky, linear, and tactile.

How Is a Gaming Keyboard Different From Regular Keyboards?

Gaming keyboards are different from regular keyboards as they are specially designed for better in-game situations and needs. They offer excellent responses and quick reaction times. On the contrary, regular keyboards typically prioritize ergonomics for a comfortable typing experience with less or no sound.

Which Switch Is Best for Gaming?

A linear switch is best for gaming as they are smooth and more consistent than other gaming switches. Every keystroke is clean with no click noise.

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