How Do I Silence My Gaming Keyboard?

How Do I Silence My Gaming Keyboard?

Are you annoyed with the loud noises of your gaming keyboard? The case can be worse when you are playing at night or using a gaming keyboard in your office. The question is, how do I silence my gaming keyboard? There are many ways that can help to reduce the noise of loud gaming keyboards. There are two types of gaming keyboards, including mechanical (noisy keyboards) and membrane (Quiet Gaming keyboards). Mechanical keyboards are used for gaming, but they produce loud noises. Here are valuable and easy-to-follow tips for silencing your gaming keyboard.

How Do I Silence My Gaming Keyboard- 5 Easy Ways

  1. Line a keyboard with foam

if you want to make some modifications to your gaming keyboard; one effective way is to line the interior space with foam. It helps to quiet the vibrations of keys during typing. Foam lining effectively soaks up the nasty noise of clicking keys.

Here is how you can line foam on your keyboard.

Take a screwdriver and open the body of a keyboard.

  • Neoprene

 A low-cost choice for keyboard lining, neoprene is one of the most effective materials to absorb sounds and vibrations.

  • Packing foam

This type of foam is cheap, and you can easily find it in nearby hardware stores. It works perfectly to fill the spaces in a gaming keyboard.

  • Sorbothane

An expensive but the most effective type of foam to absorb sound and vibration, Sorbothane is the ultimate solution to silence your gaming keyboard.

  • Shelf liner

A budget-friendly option for sound reduction, the shelf liner absorbs vibrations and noises. However, it can be challenging to fill the keyboard with this foam.

  1. Placing Desk Mat Under Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard silencing technique works best for those who don’t want to modify their keyboards. You can conveniently absorb a decent amount of sounds by placing a desk mat under a keyboard.

You can find desk mats at office supply stores or online. They have a smooth cloth top combined with a rubber base to grip the desk and avoid vibrations from rattling the work surface.

  1. Adding Rubber O-Rings Under the Switches

Adding rubber o-rings under a switch can dampen vibrations during typing. You need to place a separate O-ring for each key, but fortunately, they are cheap and available in packs of dozens of rings. 

Use a keycap puller for removing keys and slip the O-ring over and down to each switch. After adding rubber O-rings, reinstall and try typing keys. 

  1. Changing to New Switch Type 

Some gaming keyboards may produce loud clicks. If you want to reduce the sound, you can move to a new switch type. Here are different types of keyboard switches.

  • Tactile

It makes some noise ad offer a small tactile bump during typing

  • Linear

The smoothest and quietest switch type available on the market

  • Clicky

The loudest keys on the market

Remember, changing switch type is a complicated task, and you have to be patient throughout the process. If you want to silence your gaming keyboard completely, there are special silent switches available with rubber pads base to absorb the sound of keystrokes.

  1. Modifying keyboard stabilizers

This is an advanced technique to balance your keys. You need some household items to modify keyboard stabilizers.

  • Lubricant

Use some lubricant to lose the tight stabilizers and reduce the amount of friction and vibration.

  • Band-aids

Apply band-aid (sticky part) below the surface where the key stabilizers land. It will help to absorb vibrations and sounds of typing.

  • Clips

Securing the feet helps to create a stable surface for reduced sounds and vibrations.

  • Final words

You can make a few quick modifications to silence your gaming keyboard. Although a new switch is the best solution to get rid of noisy mechanical keyboards, not everyone can afford them. You can reduce a decent amount of vibrations and sounds by using a lining keyboard with foam, a desk mat, adding a new O-ring, and modifying key stabilizers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why Is My Gaming Keyboard So Loud?

Gaming keyboards are louder as they are manufactured with plastic material. Most superior gaming keyboards are equipped with a mechanical switch as an actuator under each key. Some other factors also make a loud noise, including faulty switches, sticky switches, unusual keycaps, and unstable support sliders.

  • Are Silent Keyboards Best for Gaming?

Silent or membrane keyboards are not recommended for gaming as their typing speed is not fast like mechanical or gaming keyboards.

  • How Do I Make My Keyboard Smooth?

You can easily make your keyboard smooth by spraying it with a can of compressed air and a thin nozzle to get the air properly under the keys.

You can also remove stiff keys from your keyboard and clean the surface with alcohol wipes or a damp cloth to remove grease and debris.

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