How To Connect Two Keyboards to One Computer for Gaming gadgets

How To Connect Two Keyboards to One Computer for Gaming

Typically, people don’t use two keyboards and mice with one computer. However, there are certain conditions like gaming where you have to connect two keyboards to one computer. To be honest, it is not difficult at all to connect multiple keyboards with a single PC, but most people want to find the best possible way. Well, here is how to connect two keyboards to one computer for gaming.

Benefits of Using Two Keyboards on a Single Computer

There are many advantages of using two keyboards with a single PC. Here are some of the most prominent benefits.

Improve productivity

Productivity is the best benefit of using two keyboards at the same time. You have convenient access to many keys at once. Whether you are typing or playing games, your productivity will improve without any doubt.

Multiple games from Single Device

If you are playing a two-player game, two keyboards are a must-have for you. You can easily connect two keyboards and enjoy your favorite game. All you need is to plug them into USB ports or connect through the Bluetooth option and play multiplayer games without any hassle.

Issues with Two keyboards Connectivity

There are benefits and drawbacks of using two keyboards. The first disadvantage is the high expense as you have to buy a second keyboard. It will take twice computer power and two USB slots which will reduce connectivity options.

How To Connect Two Keyboards to One Computer for Gaming

Plug them in

The easiest way is to plug both keyboards. When you plug in the second keyboard, the computer will detect it. There may be an issue as the windows can struggle to distinguish between the two. You can find them using a wired keyboard may cause a Bluetooth-connected one to disconnect.

This issue is common with two Bluetooth keyboards. If your computer is unable to register the second keyboard, you need to update drivers.

Unifying Receiver

If your computer doesn’t have USB ports, you need a unifying receiver. This device allows connecting Bluetooth keyboards. Instead of plugging them in one wireless receiver, they all connect with the singular one.

Some popular keyboard brands like Logitech are known for producing high-quality unifying receivers. These devices allow connecting multiple mice and keyboards to the same USB port. However, the receiver works only with wireless keyboards. If you want to connect wired keyboards, you have to buy a USB fork or splitter.

Third-party Plug-ins

You can also use third-party plugins for dual keyboard connectivity, including Team Player and Team Viewer. All you need is to download the software on your PC and use another keyboard. Team Viewer is one of the most popular apps used for remote connections. After installing, you need to add the second PC to the hosting with the ID number and passcode from your computer.

Final Words

Learning to connect two keyboards to one computer for gaming is an ideal way to enhance your productivity. If you don’t use the second keyboard regularly, it will still facilitate you on various occasions. Whether you are playing a game with the best gaming keyboards or using it for other use, multiple keyboards are always handy. Sometimes, there are issues after connecting multiple keyboards. Make sure to try some quick solutions like updating drivers and restarting the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Connect Wireless and Wired Keyboards at the Same Time?

Yes, you can easily connect a wired keyboard with a USB port and a wireless keyboard with a Bluetooth connectivity option at the same time on a single computer.

Can I Play PES With Two Keyboards?

No, you can’t play PES with two keyboards. You must have a gamepad and a keyboard to play multi-player games.

Can I Play With Two Keyboards in FIFA?

Yes, you can use the software “keyboard splitter” to play a FIFA game with two keyboards.

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