How to Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter

How to Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter You Should Know in 2022

Mechanical keyboards are extremely popular in the gaming universe. Featuring a fast response, elegant design, durability, and excellent typing experience, mechanical keyboards are the best quiet gaming keyboards without any doubt. However, their loud noise is one major drawback that irritates you through gaming sessions. The question is, how to make mechanical keyboards quieter? Don’t worry; there are easy and effective ways to reduce the noise of gaming keyboards.

How to Make Mechanical Keyboard Quieter

1. Inserting foam into the keyboard

Inserting foam into the keyboard

This advanced method needs some modifications to the mechanical keyboard. Placing foam reduces not only the sound but also the internal vibrational noise of the keyboard. Foam is a readily available material, and you can find it in a nearby store.

You have to open the keyboard with a screwdriver and place the foam under PCB and between the bottom plates.
There are many options when choosing the foam. Take a look at some popular ones.

Packing foam:  This is a decent low-cost option that fits conveniently to fill the spaces inside the keyboard.

Neoprene:  It is another cheap option that effectively absorbs keyboard vibration.

Sorbothane:  An expensive foam type, Sorbothane is an ideal option to make your mechanical keyboard quieter.

Shelf-liner: If you are tight on budget but don’t want to compromise on quality, a shelf liner is made for you.

2. Placing Desk Mat Under the Mechanical Keyboard

Placing Desk Mat Under the Mechanical Keyboard

Perhaps the easiest solution to reduce the sound of your mechanical keyboard is placing a mat under the keyboard don’t need to make any physical modifications.

When you are typing on a table, typically, there is vibration when the finger hits the keys. Such vibrations tend to enhance the vibrational sound, which amplifies the noise level. Placing a desk mat under the keyboard helps to absorb vibrations and make your mechanical keyboard noiseless.

You can easily find a desk mat at a nearby shop or in the online store. The rubber material of the mat has great sound-absorbing capabilities. The mat is wide enough to cover the desk with decent space for both mouse and keyboard.

3. Rubber O-Rings

Rubber O-Rings

These small cushions are created from thick silicone or rubber that can be placed under the mechanical switches. It helps to dampen vibrations while typing as they decrease the impact between the stem of the keycap and the switch when you press the key.

It is easy to install rubber O-rings, but the task is time-consuming. You have to remove the keycaps and then slide the O-rings onto each one. This technique is best for a keyboard that doesn’t use clicky switches.

Making changes to keyboard stabilizers

This is one of the complicated methods to make mechanical quieter. Stabilizers are parts of the keyboard that are in place to keep the space bar and other large keys steady. It helps them to prevent shaking loudly. Modifying stabilizers reduces the rattling sound. Here are the essential tools you need for this technique.


Applying lubricant to the stabilizers helps to avoid friction. When stabilizers move up and down, they create friction which leads to loud vibration.


When you apply the sticky part of a band-aid below the spot where the key stabilizers stand, it absorbs the vibrations and sounds of your typing.


You can easily use the clip to cut down the bottom feet of the stabilizer to make it flat against the PCB.

Remember, this mechanical keyboard sound-reducing technique may take hours. So, it is advised to try this when you have lots of free time.

4. Applying lubricants to keyboard switches

Applying lubricants to keyboard switches

One excellent way to make mechanical switches sound softer and improve typing feel is to lubricate your keyboard switches.
If your gaming keyboards have a hot-swappable switch feature, this process is straightforward to follow. If there is no hot-swappable function, this procedure can be challenging because it involves utilizing a de-soldering tool to remove switches from the PCB.

For hot-swappable switches, you can use a switch puller to take them off. After removing them, open all switches using a switch opener and lubricate each of them. When you are done with lubricating, put them back together and return them to their original position.

Lubricating keyboard switches is a time-consuming process, but the comfortable feel and ultra-soft sound will improve your gaming experience.

5. Changing to a different type of switches

Changing to a different type of switches

Another effective method to make loud and clicky switches quieter you can change the different types of switches to deal with nasty keyboard sounds.

There are three types of switches linear, tactile, and clicky.

  • Linear switches are a super quiet and smooth type of keyboard switch.
  • Tactile switches provide a small tactile bump on keystrokes, and they make a slight sound.
  • Clicky switches have the loudest noises among all three switch types.

It is recommended to select linear switches as they don’t create any noise during typing. You can also add lubricant to further reduce the noise and make them ultra-comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

Final Words

Choosing the technique to make a mechanical keyboard quieter depend on your preferences. If you don’t have time, you can use the best silent gaming keyboards to enjoy a noiseless gaming experience. Remember, the techniques need proper dedication and time. If you don’t have the proper information, it is better to take help from a keyboard expert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Louder?

Mechanical keyboards have a unique working mechanism that creates loud noises. A slider under the keycaps transfers the force exerted on the keyboard key down to the spring, which activates an electrical circuit. The transfer of such force produces a loud noise.

2. Do Lubing Switches Make It Quieter?

When you lube clicky switches, it helps to reduce the sound and vibration of the keyboards.

3. Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Best for Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are best for gaming as they provide better durability, faster response time, tons of customization, and N-key rollover and are incredibly satisfying to use.


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