Reduce Keyboard Noise on Mic

How To Reduce Keyboard Noise on Mic You Should Know

Loud keyboard noises are a common issue when recording audio with a microphone. The case gets worse when you are using a mechanical keyboard. The annoying noises of typing and clicking can be distracting or may make it hard to hear what’s being said. However, you can effectively reduce keyboard noise on the mic with some easy-to-follow steps. There are many ways to deal with how to reduce keyboard noise on the mic, including position, input gain of the mic, and type. Above all, it depends on the microphone sensitivity. Here are some valuable ways to get rid of annoying keyboard noises on the mic.

How To Reduce Keyboard Noise on Mic- 5 Easy Ways

1. Repositioning the Mic

The easiest but most effective thing is to get rid of keyboard noise is by repositioning your microphone. It is recommended to select a unidirectional or cardboard-based mic for the best recording experience.

If you are not using any one of these microphones, you can choose a microphone with a physical switch to change the directional manually. You can effectively reduce the keyboard mic by placing the microphone in the right position.

2. Quiet Gaming keyboards are best

If you want to decrease loud keyboard noises, silent gaming keyboards are perfect for you. There are mechanical keyboards featuring switches underneath each key. Such a type of keyboard has a plastic membrane that offers distinctive tactile feedback during typing.

One of the best benefits of using mechanical keyboards is the fast typing speed.

3. Adjust the setting of the mechanical keyboard

If you don’t want to speed money on a new gaming keyboard, here is a DIY solution for you.

It is recommended to install silicone or O rings o the keycap stems to decrease the loud noise coming from the keyboard.

O rings are designed to prevent the key step from hitting up the plate when you press it and don’t create any clicking noise. One appealing aspect of using O rings is that you don’t need any experience to install them on your keyboard.

4. Adjusting software settings

If the mic is facing a volume dial or sensitivity problem, you can make some easy adjustments in your software. It is convenient to make some adjustments using operating windows and third-party VOIP programs like Discord.

5. Control mic level in windows

  • Click the start button on windows and search the change system sound option.
  • Check the sound window and click on the recording tab.
  • Right-click on the microphone and tap on the properties.
  • Now click on the levels tab and shift the slider towards the left for decreasing volume on a microphone.
  • Make sure to test the mic before using it for recording or live sessions.

How To Reduce Keyboard Noise When Recording?

Here are practical ways to reduce keyboard noise when recording.

  • Dampen the plastic or rubber bottoms on the stand to create a layer of water between the two.
  • Make sure to put a nonslip mat under the stand.
  • Don’t poke your finger while playing.
  • Use key and frame plugs for tightening things together. It helps to prevent keys from jumping and becoming loose during usage or transportation.

6. How to improve the sound of the microphone

  • Take a look at some effective ways to improve the sound quality of your microphone.
  • Make sure to remove noise things from your recording room.
  • Keep your microphone away from the table if you are not using it.
  • Keep the back of the microphone towards the noisy source.
  • Don’t move around while recording.
  • Keep the mic a few inches away from the mouth.

Final words

Reducing clicky noises of the keyboard will surely help to keep the focus on your tasks and also improve sound quality during recording. However, it is advised to use the silent keyboard to avoid sound issues. Best quiet keyboards are designed to produce minimum sounds during typing and thus perfectly remove the issues of noises on microphones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to prevent the microphone from picking up keyboard sounds?

It is recommended to put an object that absorbs sound underneath your keyboard, such as a thin foam mat. You can use a mic with a directional pickup pattern. Make sure to avoid an Omni-directional mic.

Which keyboard is best for recording on the mic?

Membrane keyboards are best for recording on the mic as they don’t produce loud noises as compared to mechanical keyboards.

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