Is Gaming Keyboard Worth It?

Is Gaming Keyboard Worth It? You Need to Know

Whether you are buying a new gaming pc or building a customized gaming pc your gaming needs, you spend most of the time choosing pc card, processor, and motherboard for a machine. Unfortunately, most people neglect the importance of a gaming keyboard. You have probably gone through many discussions about is gaming keyboard worth it? To be honest, there are both benefits and disadvantages of gaming a keyboard. Let’s find out if buying a gaming keyboard is worth it or should you go for the traditional keyboard?

Why Is the Gaming Keyboard Important?

The essence of a keyboard cannot be undermined. Most gamers and typists consider the keyboard convenient only when they find it easy to play games with it or write quickly. When it comes to gaming, a top-quality gaming keyboard is your best friend.

The most prominent feature you will examine in a gaming keyboard is their led lights. Most gamers enjoy the look of their gaming setup; hence this is a pertinent feature of a gaming keyboard.

Another innovative feature of a gaming keyboard is the addition of mechanical switches, which helps to improve the key pressing efficiency. One handy feature is additional keys along with composite software to allow commands and switching among commands quickly.

Popular Types of Keyboards

The two most famous types of gaming keyboards are mechanical and membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboards were trending in the late 80s and early 90s. These keyboards are equipped with mechanical switches and were known for their accuracy, durability, and excellent response rate. The compact feeling and unique quickness of each stroke made on these keyboards are absent in modern gaming keyboards.

The only downside of mechanical keyboards is their high noise level.

Another famous keyboard type is the membrane keyboard. These keyboards are also known as “Quiet Gaming Keyboards.” This type of gaming board is known for its trendy appearance and convenient portability. They are lightweight and allow you to carry them easily around.

However, membrane keyboards are not long-lasting as compared to mechanical gaming keyboards.


Mechanical keyboards feature Cherry MX mechanical switches. Such switches vary in colors that allow you to choose from a wide variety. Popular colors include green, red, black, and white.

Each switch is equipped with a distinctive function. For instance, the typist prefers the blue MX switch as it offers a great response rate and accuracy.

They made loud noises which are not ideal for office use. On the other hand, gamer loves this feature according to their gaming needs.

The membrane gaming keyboards feature a pressure pad along with membrane switches. It may not provide an efficient response rate as compared to mechanical keyboards.

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Speed and Accuracy

Every gamer prefers an efficient response rate for games like Fortnite and League of Legends. A mechanical keyboard offers a fast response rate. All you need to do is push the mechanical switch halfway to register a keystroke.

The actuation force is vital to record a keystroke on a membrane keyboard which is small as compared to a mechanical keyboard. It may result in finger slips or typing errors. The issue can be severe when you are playing a multiplayer game, as you can’t afford to miss a keystroke.

A mechanical keyboard is more precise than membrane boards. Reliability is a vital factor for a gaming keyboard as every player depends on a keystroke for gaming. The feature is very important for multiplayer games.


Resilience is an important feature of both mechanical and membrane keyboards. A mechanical keyboard has a Cherry MX switch which provides a life cycle of about 50 million keystrokes. This is an ideal life circle for a gaming keyboard.

On the other hand, stock membrane keyboards have a life cycle of about 10 million keystrokes. When we compare the keystrokes of these keyboards, mechanical keyboards are better than membrane keyboards. That’s why gaming professionals prefer to buy mechanical keyboards for gaming.

Is gaming keyboard worth it?

Mechanical keyboards are recommended for gamers and typists. It is due to the excellent quality, speed, performance, and durability.

Gaming keyboards are without any doubt the best investment one can make. Each type of gaming keyboard has its own pros and cons, such mechanical keyboards are noisy, whereas membrane keyboards are not ideal for multiplayer gaming. It depends on your gaming needs to choose the right one.

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