Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming You Should Know

Mechanical keyboards are used for gaming, and there are valid reasons for them to be labeled as gaming keyboards. These keyboards are durable, versatile, and come with additional features to make games more fun for you. However, most users still want to know why are gaming keyboards better for gaming? Can I use regular keyboards for gaming? Let’s try to find out answers to such questions about mechanical and membrane keyboards.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

Excellent Customization and Dedicated Gaming Buttons

Regular keyboards don’t have customization options as compared to mechanical keyboards. If you want to improve the appearance and comfort of your gaming keyboard, there are various options available such as backlights, wrist support, and dedicated gaming controls.
The RGB lighting feature helps to customize the color of each key, whereas onboard memory saves settings for your favorite game. There are dedicated media buttons, quick-access buttons, anti-ghosting features, and USB 2.0 pass-through to keep your input accurate.


One of the best features of mechanical keyboards is their durable build quality. Commonly, gaming involves constant and extended gaming sessions, and the keyboard is your main weapon. Mechanical keyboards have solid frames to ensure a stable and stationary feeling. Also, the key switches are more durable that can last for 70 million keypresses easily. On the other hand, regular keyboards feature a standard rubber dome.

Mechanical keyboards are certified to last longer than membrane keyboards. These keyboards are manufactured with durable material and adequately tested for the key presses.


Speed is one of the most critical factors for every gaming enthusiast. One can’t press all the keys at once, and the dedicated keys provide excellent speed for your gaming needs. In simple words, you can quickly switch to another key. The faster you react, the better you perform in a game.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Rubber switches are hard to clean as compared to plastic ones. The odd side of plastic material in mechanical keyboards is that they produce loud noises. On the other hand, quiet gaming keyboards are ideal for those who don’t want any sounds during gaming.
Plastic is easy to clean and doesn’t need any special tools for maintenance. Also, the material is dust-free. Rubber switches on regular keyboards acquire dust quickly, and it takes some time to clean these keyboards. Sometimes, you have to replace the rubber to get it back in proper working condition.

Final words

Overall, mechanical keyboards are better for gaming as they are durable; provide efficient performance and more customizing options as compared to membrane keyboards. However, if you are a newbie, it is recommended to select a membrane keyboard and then upgrade to a mechanical keyboard. Remember, membrane keyboards are noisy and expensive, so if you are low on budget or don’t prefer noises during a gaming session, membrane games are best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Mechanical or Membrane Keyboards Better for Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards are better for gaming as they offer ideal feedback, smooth switch actuation, and also have a key roller. Membrane keyboards are quiet, offer a mushy feel, and are less expensive than mechanical keyboards.

2. Does a Mechanical Keyboard Affect Gaming?

Yes, a mechanical keyboard is best for gaming due to excellent gaming features like quick response, durability, customizing options, and helps to reduce fatigue while playing.

3. Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Heavy?

Mechanical keyboards offer fast typing speed with reduced fatigue. The heavyweight mechanical keyboard has both benefits and drawbacks for your gaming style. The prime advantage of the heavyweight of a mechanical keyboard is to stop it from being pushed around the table when you type.

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